Bloating with no greens…

Lately i have been gaining weight and also i dont feel good. In the last three weeks i have felt full, like bloated, heavy and tired, like i dont do digestion, it also hurts on my supetior side of my belly. Is really uncomfortable. I try to take tums but they dont help at all. I think i need to go to the Doctor to find out what happens to me because there are too many options when you read on the internet like
gasthritis, diabetes, cancer… I know it all sounds terrorific and also no money either… We are waiting for an offer we placed in an apartment close to coconut grove and this sunday will be a week since them.
I don’t mind wsiting but we have only 2 more weeks to move so can avoid thinking on the tic toc and like there isnt nothing less, we are planning to sale the motorcycle for the money.

My daughter is with grandma. We had been havin issues lately, i think they are mostly stupid but who change my mom ideas? Too old to change.

I’m feeling tired i ‘ll see if i can sleep a little.


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