Working for Uber

Here I am sitting on my car in Miami Beach under the shadow of the trees with my windows open, expecting to not sweat that much, however can’t feel any breeze coming from outside… 92 Fahrenheit grades shows my car, is finally gettin cloudy…hopefully that will be better. Today I chose to wear green pants and coral red blouse, i feel just like a flower in a sauna… No matter how much water I drink it doesn’t  makes me feel less thirsty.

What is Uber you may ask? Well is a company like a taxi but you get to drive your own car and it can be any day or time. Everything is through an app on your mobile device that prompt you a place where to pick up a person and drop them up. At first when I heard from it, was skeptical but after trying it last week, i have to say is pretty easy and works great. The only bad thing i see is when my gps is not working properly or the network connection fails, and of course the time sitting on my car waiting for somebody to call. We should need to have a team leader on the area or at least a contact to be able to get together and promote or get assistance but so far they respond quickly to any problems you might have online.

Why am I doing Uber?
Well, at this moment I have a part time job in Macy’s (way too short) for the money I need to bring at home to be able to cover all expenses, and for not doing anything else…. Better this one that’s better than nothing. I like it more the weekends. More green $$

Today monday is very slow and i feel like a hot dog in a microway!! But since my husband’s works in Miami Beach, we decide to car pool and work same schedule, so we save a little extra on gas since we live far away!

Is an easy option for people that’s unemployed or have extra time in their hands, but unfortunately who knows how long will be active since all the taxis company’s are doing their best to shot them up.

Is a monopoly and they had been paying cars, licenses, permits to drive and I totally understand they get less jobs because of Uber but there is also a lot of people whose this job is a lifesaver and the customer service is wonderful in compare with taxi drivers. I think they have to get to a deal, and understanding that life isn’t same than years ago, and we should be able to share the roads under new laws where the technology is included because, that is our future…



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